Making Field Service Management Easier

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By Leona-Valeria Vatulia

“How can I make handling Field Service Management easier”?

No matter how good you are, when it comes to managing tradesmen in the field, you are going to get exhausted.  Between your workload and keeping up with staff, managers struggle mightily if they are still running systems from the 1980s.
So how can you get caught up and not buy thousands of dollars worth of gear to handle work order automation?  To avoid silly expenses, you need to embrace software that helps you handle work order management, and by far the best option is the field service management software provided by fieldsflow.

More than a few companies in the trades consider fieldsflow to be the best company in providing business management software nowadays.  Why?  The answer is because it is so user friendly when it comes to providing value and ease to field managers handling staff scattered all over the region.  Don’t take my word for it, here are some very real life situations that we both know eat up your time as a manager – yet fieldsflow cuts right through these and gets you back on top of your game.

Time Management:

The most hectic work in field service business companies is management and scheduling time for staff on site. Field managers go through a lot of difficulties in assigning tasks to the field employees, then spend the rest of the day or week following up.  Is John at the jobsite?  Did Sam finish the install?  Traditionally, valuable time gets lost here, and managers have no way of determining who is slacking, who is slow, and who is doing a great job.  With fieldsflow , managers can see at a glance what is going on and where.  Got an emergency?  No issue – you can reach out to field staff and reassign “on the fly”.  Simply put, this software helps you in finishing your work within the deadline period effortlessly. Moreover, you can also assign and schedule new tasks to your field employees with the devices they are already using.

Workflow Management:

Managing workflow in field service business is a lot like juggling knives – it is a very steep learning curve and learning hurts.  fieldsflow helps the field service managers to manage all their business activities from order placement to tracking the progress of the work done and the time required to complete the work order. Thus, the most hectic task for field managers can now become the easiest one.  No more dry erase boards with notes, no more scraps of paper on the desk, no more random reminders all over.  With fieldsflow, you can share your responsibilities and make performing well under pressure a no-brainer.

Customer Assistance

In field service businesses, assisting your current or previous customers is nearly always an emergency.  They never call just to say hello – it’s always right after the A/C went out or the boiler room flooded.  The truly great managers handle this easily, with a brain wired to see the big picture effortlessly.  For the rest of us, it’s going to require a whole team effort with extraordinary and deep coordination, and even then, you won’t be sure about it.  Assisting your customers and clients is now a whole lot easier – guess why?  Yep!  fieldsflow.  By using this software you will be able to keep a comprehensive record of your current and previous customers, and more importantly, it will also help you to keep record of after sales services, employee work tasks, warranty status and many more on a single click.
If you are in the business of managing a team remotely, then the single best investment you can make is fieldsflow – it simply works.