Why fieldsflow rocks as a scheduling software

Field Service Management, SAAS, Business

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By Leona-Valeria Vatulia

Scheduling software may have once been an unnecessary luxury, but it has quickly become a key solution for every company in the present time. In this age of digital technology, it may sometimes feel as though we are becoming too reliant on automation and technological devices, but in fact, quite the opposite is true. 

Yes, we are becoming more reliant on technology, but precisely because technology has and will continue to propel us into the future with the advent of even more systems designed to make our lives simpler and more efficient. Stated in simple terms, when you are out in the field completing tasks for customers, that work is not being taken away from you; rather, it’s the tedious tasks that fieldsflow aims to take from your hands and undertake with a level of fine sophistication.

Think of it in these terms: when scheduling appointments, you could spend anywhere from 5-20 minutes going through each schedule to make sure the correct person is available at the correct time and that nothing conflicts when establishing an appointment for a customer.

That is valuable time you could be spending placing more orders, helping more customers, and even taking a few minutes just to connect with your customers on a personal level, to ask them about their day and give them the kind of service they aren’t likely to get anyone else. So while you are not only becoming more efficient, you are delivering stellar customer service.

Humans are not machines and therefore, we are prone to errors.

The smartest person in the world will still make mistakes. That is the sometimes wonderful thing about being human, mistakes are how we learn and grow. However, when you are running a business and subsequently facing the loss of revenue or reputation due to human error, it becomes less of a positive, particularly as mistakes can (and often will) happen more than once. Mistakes cannot be predicted and often the fallout can be arduous to correct and costly to recover from. There are preventative measures which can be undertaken, but why not make the process simple and foolproof for everyone by utilizing fieldsflow scheduling software for field service? Scheduling can happen quickly and easily just by using our service on your mobile phone. Technicians are then emailed once an appointment is scheduled and you never have to fear that the appointment you forgot to schedule because a customer walked in and needed your attention will come back to haunt you.
Scheduling software gives management more visibility.

Our scheduling software is more than simply an effective tool in swiftly setting up appointments for those in the field. It also helps management by allowing them to easily see a visual map of all the projects currently being worked on, how much each employee has on their plate, and where there are any gaps. This helps in a number of ways: ensuring that available staff is utilized to their full potential, helping the dispatcher/appointment setter to make informed decisions when scheduling appointments, and to help management clearly see when staff may have too much on their plate and need projects shifted elsewhere. This creates an environment of supreme productivity for everyone in the company, and thus contributes to a greater feeling of satisfaction and contentment with job performance.

No matter what kind of business you are running, if you schedule appointments, book meetings, etc. our scheduling software is a must-have. Customers can often change their minds when other obligations come up and they will expect you to be able to adjust accordingly with little hassle. With fieldsflow scheduling software, all changes can be made immediately, ensuring a great experience for customers.