5 Secrets SAAS to Simplify Field Service Management


By Leona-Valeria Vatulia

Managers of field services business must be well aware of how complex and difficult it is to manage the field service activities. Even a fresh and sharp brain at dawn get exhausted till the day’s end because of so much workload that has to be managed in field services business. A strong suggestion that everyone makes in this regard is to use a field service management software. But what makes such a software so much desirable? The answer is the simplicity and the ease that it provides to manage the field service activities.

Here are the 5 secrets, explaining how field service management is simplified by a software:

Task Scheduling: 

One of the most hectic tasks is to carry on the ongoing on-site work of the technicians. In order to make it adequate with respect to the cost, and the time, a comprehensive and complete task schedule is required, which is surely very complex when you have several clients, dozens of technicians and hundreds of laborers. A field service management software greatly simplifies the task scheduling process, saving a lot of time and brain. Even it provides the wizard facility to make this process even more pleasant and easier. Not only the new tasks can be scheduled, but the existing tasks can also be managed and modified.

Workload Management:

The workload is even more loaded and heavy in field services business because of the inherent nature of tough tasks. Field service management software serves as a task management software that manages all business activities, from order placement to tracking the work done and the period required to get in-process work completed. Thus, the most difficult thing for a manager is now the easiest one because of the existence of a software to handle the workload. These task management software shares your responsibilities and serve as a good friend to manage the things.

Client’s Facilitation:

One of the hardest things in any business is to facilitate your existing, previous and prospect customers in all senses. Indeed, it requires a team effort with great coordination, but really it does? When you use field service management software, the answer is no. Facilitating the clients is very easy now, and here is how. A comprehensive record about the previous customers is maintained. Warranty status, after sales services, and information of about contract termination is available to you at a single click to facilitate them.

Present customers:

Similarly, the present customers are facilitated with correct and timely information about the availability of technicians, status of task completion and to be completion time duration can also be conveyed since all this information is handled by the software and is easily accessible. For prospect customers, the facility of online order placement is also available…

Using SAAS software:

In a nutshell field service management software simplifies all field service activities, and provide manager much easier. It also saves cost and time which can be better invested in other things. Therefore, a sincere suggestion to you is to also use such software. One of these software is fieldsflow that offers all these and many other services at an affordable price.