How fieldsflow SAAS can Help You Save Money and Run Your Business Efficiently

Field Service Management, SAAS, Business

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By Leona-Valeria Vatulia

fieldsflow  can help you assign work to professionals out in the field, without grappling with messy paperwork. If you run a field service business, then having one of these software can help you in the following ways:

1 – Save precious time: Work order management software can help you save time on repetitive, mechanical tasks, such as data entry related to clients’ information, work orders, resolution of problems, and invoices. Even if you run a small scale business, these tasks can take up to two hours on any given day.

2 – Speed up data entry and eliminate errors: When your employees are entering data manually into paper forms, there is always the risk that errors might creep in. And for each mistake made in data entry, you sustain the risk of losing not only revenue, but also the trust and custom of clients. In fact, the 1-10-100 rule states that for each mistake made in data entry, it can cost you $1 to verify data accuracy at the time of entry, $10 to correct the mistakes later in batches of data, or $100 for every record if you leave the mistakes where they are. These mistakes may also make you lose customers, not to mention efficiency in running your service business.

3 – Sending duplicate or erroneous invoices: The worst mistake you can make in your service business is to send invoices with mistakes in the figures, or send the same invoice to the client twice. If your client knows you and shares a good rapport with you, then saying sorry and making amends might be enough for you to get away with these mistakes the first couple of times. However, in the long run, it can heavily soil your reputation, and force clients to seek out other service providers.

fieldsflow are designed to help you save time, money and reputation in the market. if the software you are currently using does not have all these, you should probably look for an alternative product, right away!