Smart Scheduling for HVAC and Service Businesses

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By Leona-Valeria Vatulia

You know your current process isn’t working. You’re drowning in paperwork, it takes forever to invoice your customers and you spend – no, waste –  a lot of time communicating with your field employees, to top it all off, you’ve sent a number of inaccurate invoices.

You’re finally ready to investigate fieldsflow’s capability as a scheduling software, but the downside is you’re not sure how to determine if the cost will deliver a return on your investment (ROI). Let’s look at a few ways that fieldsflow can help you handle scheduling and operations for your HVAC and service business.


One of the biggest differences between electronic and paper scheduling is the efficiencies that software-based scheduling enables.  For example, say a customer calls with an emergency and they need service immediately. With fieldsflow software, your dispatcher can see where each field employee is located throughout the day and with that information, they can schedule the nearest field employee or the one that has the lightest workload.

The scheduling efficiencies don’t apply only to emergency events.  When scheduling any event electronically, you can create tighter, more profitable routes because you can instantly see where all of your appointments are located – if they finish early, you can instantly redirect them to a PM in the area. That’s very difficult to accomplish if you are using a paper-based system.

  • ROI – Customers using fieldsfloware able to add at least 1 extra job per tech or crew per day
  • Benefit – You’ll not only be able to schedule faster, but you’ll be able to schedule better, denser routes.

Administrative Time

We just discussed the ROI of scheduling electronically, so you get better data quickly and save up to 5% on parts leakage, but capturing information in the field also significantly reduces administrative time. Why? Because you don’t have to rekey a piece of paper into your accounting platform in order to generate an invoice.

Because the data flows electronically from the field back into the office and integrates with your accounting platform.  Many of our green industry customers have indicated they were able to eliminate administrative hours and invest in equipment that made them more productive in the field – and more profitable as a business.

  • ROI – You’ll save at least 1 minute per work order, depending on the amount of data required to be input.
  • Benefit – Reduced administrative time enables you to deploy resources more efficiently.

Answering Calls Efficiently

If you aren’t using fieldsflow in your business, it’s likely that if a customer calls to ask a question about a bill or recent service, it takes a considerable amount of time to answer that question. You may have a file cabinet full of customer data which your office manager must use to access customer information. It could take minutes to access that customer information.

Field service software can trim the time it takes to answer common customer questions significantly. But it can also help you record information faster.  For instance, in the HVAC business, if you need an owner’s security access code in order to perform the work, you can save a considerable amount of time storing it electronically with software.

  • ROI: It’s likely you can save at least a minute per call and five minutes of researching.
  • Benefit: Office staff are more available to answer calls, improving customer service. Accuracy is improved with electronic records.

Funny thing about these three ways you can directly impact your scheduling and efficiency?  They have not directly impacted your field staff.  So even though they are using aspects of fieldsflow, it is most active behind the scenes and you aren’t trying to train an entire team of HVAC pros on a scheduling and SAAS.  As easy as it is to use, you aren’t losing efficiency, you’re building it!